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Testing and Technical Support

Free on all equipment

Testing procedures

Every second-user Cisco Systems device from Go Communications is fully refurbished. Accessories are then added as appropriate, and the unit is professionally re-packaged ready for despatch. The entire process takes under 24 hours.

Nearly all of our pre-owned and refurbished network equipment is sold in a new or 'as new' condition. We can provide detailed reports on the condition of any item.

Rigorous 19-point quality control program

All Refurbished Cisco equipment is subjected to the following checklist:

  • Check Cosmetic Appearance
  • Open Chassis
  • Check System Board, Power Supply and Fan Assembly
  • Check Interface Card Slots
  • Check Flash and DRAM Memory
  • Check Firmware and Software
  • Check Power On/Off Switch & Indicator Lights
  • Check All ports pass Traffic over them as well as Loopback & Console Cable Connectivity
  • Review Boot Sequence
  • Record Flash, DRAM, NVRAM and Shared memory sizes
  • Check Firmware and Software Versions
  • Remove Old Configs, Passwords, IP Addresses etc
  • Create Inventory Data Sheet with Serial Numbers for Product Traceability
  • Clean Chassis Exterior and Re-Paint if necessary
  • Include Rack Mount Kit and Console Cable where Necessary
  • Carefully re-pack into Plain Boxed Professional Packaging
  • Create Packing List With Serial Numbers
  • Compare Packing List With Customer PO for Order Accuracy
  • Notify the customer via email with the tracking number

Technical support

We provide free technical support for all equipment purchased from Go Communications. This substantially reduces risk for our customers, and, should an issue arise requiring intensive technical support, delivers significant cost savings.

Our team is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the new and used equipment market. Our Cisco-certified technical support staff include CCIE and CCNA certified technicians. They are available to answer your product-related questions or to help you to troubleshoot any network issues. They can help with both pre- and post-sales support.

We have ready access to extensive product documentation and literature, and can provide insight into the latest industry innovations and technologies.