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Quality Pitful

Brand new network kit is great, but pricey. You can make serious savings by buying refurbished, making your budgets go further and doing more for less. Don’t dive in without checking out the quality pitful that lies in wait for the unwary, though...


A good price shouldn't mean poor quality. Check out your supplier carefully to access how they ensure every device is shipped in mint condition.

What to ask :

  • Are you ISO9000 certified?
  • Do you have a formal quality control system?
  • Do you always use new, unbranded boxes?

What to check :

  • What does their quality control system cover?
  • Is their refurbished kit pristine, or are there dents and scratches?
  • Is their kit fully refurbished or just spruced up and repackaged?

Go Communications

ISO9000 certified since 2010, Go Communications operates a rigorous quality control system including a 19-point check on every device. We ship in new, robust, unbranded boxes and we refurbish every device to standards even higher than Cisco’s.

Take the risk out of buying refurbished network kit. Talk to Go Communications.

See How Good Our Refurbishing Is

Send us a device in working order which you would like refurbishing, and we'll refurbish it for you, FREE!

See How Good Our Pricing Is

Ask us to quote against your LAST sparing up and compare our prices with what you actually paid.