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Convenient, flexible and cost-effective

You’ve set your strategy, designed your system and identified what network equipment you’ll need: you’re ready to go. Before you go out and buy the equipment, though, it’s worth considering renting. Often, renting can be the most convenient, flexible and cost-effective way of acquiring the kit you need. It can help you avoid down-time, swiftly meet short-term requirements and facilitate network configuration concept testing.

When renting makes sense – and why

In a variety of situations, renting the kit you need may be a significantly better approach than outright purchase. Consider renting when you’re looking at building or extending a network for any of the following reasons:

Capital budget constraints

Renting can relieve pressure on stretched capital expenditure budgets – given a suitable credit facility, there are no up front costs. Significant tax benefits can also be realised. Rental fees can be paid using operating budgets and charged directly against revenues for corporation tax purposes, while purchases must be accounted for via capital allowances.

Protection against obsolescence

With up-front costs out of the picture renting network equipment can be an effective way to ensure that your network, specific network segments, or individual devices remain up to date with current technology. This reduces the risk of owning and needing to dispose of obsolete equipment.

cisco2go from Go Communications

We've taken a long hard look at the network hardware rental services on the market and weighed them against what real businesses actually need. Most fell short. We have designed cisco2go, our Cisco Systems rental programme, to directly address your needs.

Tailored rental solutions

While many companies offer a range of fixed configurations for rent, Go Communications tailors your cisco2go solution in exactly the same way that we tailor solutions for outright purchase. We know how important it is that you get precisely what you need and we make sure you get it, whether you are renting or buying.

Complex configurations

Working in our well-established, fully-equipped configuration lab, our highly experienced, qualified Cisco engineers handle all aspects of the evaluation and configuration of your required equipment, with reference to industry standards, manufacturer recommendations and our extensive first hand experience with hardware, software and firewalls.

This technical capability is the strength behind every cisco2go solution: we can configure your equipment exactly the way you need it, irrespective of volume, location or time constraints.

Extensive stocks

Because we hold substantial stocks of an exceedingly wide range of devices, we can supply rental solutions meeting virtually any Cisco hardware requirement, from fixed configuration routers through to fully configured modular switches. We can typically deliver within 48 to 72 hours, so you can get on with your project, rather than losing time and money waiting for the kit you need.

Optional maintenance

We can provide hardware maintenance at a range of different levels according to your needs and budget. Often rental kit is used in preference to outright purchase for specific, short term periods, supporting specific, short term activities. During such periods it’s often essential that downtime is minimised, in order to avoid impacting the supported activity. That’s where our maintenance service can make all the difference. To find out more visit

Flexible contract

Every cisco2go rental contract is flexible, giving you the freedom to extend the rental term or to switch from renting some or all of the equipment to outright purchase, at any point. The rental term can be as short as a month, or as long as a year.

Try before you buy

Go Communications can supply a system to your required specification on a pre-agreed rental contract of up to three months. This allows you to thoroughly test the system in its intended environment. If you decide to go ahead and purchase the system, you can do so, at current market value. If not, you can return it at the end of the rental term, in accordance with our terms and conditions, with nothing further to pay. This facility is also ideal for running a number of alternative configurations alongside each other for comparison purposes.

Volume requirements

We are used to supplying all kinds of requirements, from the very small to the very large. From one unit to hundreds of units, Go Communications has the infrastructure to supply your varying volume requirements.

Find out more

For more details on cisco2go and how rental could work for your organisation, and an instant quote, please call us 01279 408 777, email or use our contact form.

See our full terms and conditions of rental.