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Risk of Poor Quality Testing

Brand new network kit is great, but pricey. You can make serious savings by buying refurbished, making your budgets go further and doing more for less. Don’t dive in without checking out the risk of poor quality testing that lies in wait for the unwary, though...

Technical Process Issues

Between receiving your order and shipping your kit, your supplier needs to follow a detailed, thorough and carefully through-through refurbishment and testing process. Are they taking it seriously?

What to ask :

  • Is every device fully tested before shipping?
  • Can you provide serial check information, including product history?
  • Can you provide images of serial numbers before I order?
  • Do you wipe all passwords and configurations, and install all relevant updates?

What to check :

  • Inspect their testing process: does it cover every detail? What could be missed?
  • Do they ship every device with all relevant accessories, so you’re ready to deploy?

Go Communications

We fully refurbish every device we sell, adding relevant accessories, wiping all passwords and configurations, and applying appropriate software updates. Every device undergoes our rigorous, 19-point test process: every device is shipped in an “as new” condition.

Take the risk out of buying refurbished network kit. Talk to Go Communications.

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