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Risk Associated with a Solo Operation

Brand new network kit is great, but pricey. You can make serious savings by buying refurbished, making your budgets go further and doing more for less. Don’t dive in without checking out the risk associated with a solo operation that lies in wait for the unwary, though...

Company Pedigree Issues

To deliver great, prompt service to your customers, you need a solid, established, well resourced supplier, not someone with a nice website selling kit he’s found on eBay. Check that your supplier really is as substantial as they appear.

What to ask :

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have any reference sites or case studies?
  • How can I contact you when I need to?
  • What trade associations are you a member of?

What to check :

  • Look up their company history and financial records
  • What do their customers say? Are they reliable on quotes, lead times and delivery?
  • Visit them – put names to faces, and see their capabilities and facilities.
  • Do they have a solid supplier network?

Go Communications

Trading since 2007, Go Communications is a UK market leader in refurbished Cisco kit. Our global supply chains mean we can usually find that elusive part, and always offer the best prices. We keep our promises and stand by our customers: our reputation as a trusted, reliable and knowledgeable supplier is second to none. We’d love to show you round our Harlow refurbishment facility.

Take the risk out of buying refurbished network kit. Talk to Go Communications.

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