Validation Professional

Put your retired Cisco kit back to work!

Do you have a store room – maybe even a warehouse – full of retired Cisco kit? Kit that needs some TLC in order to make it usable again? You’re sitting on a potential gold mine, but one whose value is slowly evaporating. If so, read on.

Some of that Cisco equipment could be playing a valuable part in your network infrastructure, enhancing performance, flexibility and reliability. Other devices, that can’t be redeployed in your networks, could be sold on, unlocking their value for whatever use you choose to put it to.

You’re sitting on a potential gold mine, but one whose value is gradually evaporating.

David Mayberry, Managing Director

Network equipment depreciates in value over time, as surely as cars rust and fruit rots, so it makes sense to redeploy or sell your retired Cisco inventory as quickly as possible. But here’s the challenge: most such devices need some work before they can be redeployed or sold on. And that’s work that you may not have the time, resources or skills to handle. Even if you do, it’s always going to be lower priority work, so it gets put off, again and again.

There are enterprises across the UK with shelf upon shelf of valuable Cisco kit gathering dust and leaking value just like this. That’s why we have launched our Validation Professional refurbishing service. We will take your retired Cisco inventory, test it, clear passwords and other configuration settings, add accessories as required, restore it to factory condition, including respraying, and return it to you packaged in our custom-designed protective boxes, all for a fraction of the price of trading it in for new kit.

In one easy move you can turn a room full of poor condition, low value, obsolete kit into a valuable, usable, saleable resource.

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