ISO Certified

ISO 9001

As an integral part of our commitment to both quality and our customers' peace of mind, we have achieved the high levels of quality control demanded by this standard. Go Communications received ISO 9001:2008 certification on 28th February 2008.

ISO 14001

To demonstrate our commitment to comply with legislation, a commitment to prevent pollution, and to continually improve an already effective environmental management system Go Communications achieved the ISO 14001:2004 certification on 26th June 2010.

ISO 45001

As part of our commitment to best practice, safety and continual improvement, we achieved ISO 45001 certification on 19th February 2009.

Proud to be Members of UNEDA

United Networking Equipment Dealers Association (UNEDA) is what it stands for but it represents an organisation of member companies who maintain and enforce high standards of ethical professional practices, which make membership in the Association a recognised mark of experience, stability, reliability, integrity and competence. There are strict rules and regulations to become and continue being a member which maintain the highest level of ethics and responsibility to bring credit and enhancement to the reputation of our industry.


Qualifying for membership in the AscdiNatd distinguishes our organisation and assures our customers of receiving quick and creative solutions to their technology needs in an ethical and responsible manner. Adherence to the AscdiNatd Code of Ethics is a requirement of continued membership in this prestigious worldwide organisation and something we take very seriously.

Free ICT Europe

The Free ICT Europe Foundation (FIE) is a not-for-profit foundation actively promoting the ICT Secondary Market within Europe. Our objective is to secure the right of ownership and the freedom for consumers and businesses alike to freely choose their providers to trade, maintain and repair.