For the first time since we’ve traded with each other I’ve had cause to have kit delivered to me. We’ve worked together for 5 years now however, it was the first delivery to me, believe it or not.

I just wanted to say that the kit arrived in superb condition, the boxes used made it look like brand new and the packaging and attention to detail was hugely impressive.

I wanted to feedback as I am not easily impressed, but I certainly am with what Go Comms have delivered.

UK Network Integrator

17th March 2021

I think Cisco Brokers and a couple of others in the UK have stock…..but our customer here only wants YOUR refurb

Respected Iberia Region Network Support Company

4th February 2021

Can I send my thanks to you and the team for pulling out everything to get this sorted, you have gone above and beyond to help out and its very much appreciated in these difficult times.

Top 10 Global Network Integrator

6th May 2020

Thanks for sending out our recent order. All received correctly and in very nice condition may I add

Network Manager UK School Trust

11th November 2019

Good buyer, quick transaction. Will use again

UK Channel Reseller

3rd October 2019

Great service and product . Thanks Dave!. Top professionals

Spanish IT Reseller

3rd October 2019

We received it and are very happy with it

Pan European Telecom Provider

3rd October 2019

As far as our collaboration and relationship is concerned, it gives me great pleasure. It’s an honour to collaborate with people like you

Top 5 Greek Integrator

22nd March 2019

We have received the PO and everything looks good and very professional, thanks for that.

Cisco Network Distributor based in Madrid, Spain

12th March 2019

You are WONDERFUL! Thank you for your help. The customer will be really pleased.

UK Network Distributor

30th January 2019