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I have well received the goods and satisfied with the products & packing. Thanks a lot for your support & cooperation.

International Network Distributor - Singapore

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Thank you for the kind feedback 😊 Very helpful

Danish IT Integrator


Thanks for your help! 😊

IT Distributor in Central Croatia


Many thanks for this guys – awesome as usual!

Network Integrator Northern England


Today I have finally got around to testing the 2x reconditioned Cisco DX80s we purchased from yourselves last month and they work great. They took our firmware update and configuration fine and work as they should so we are pleased with them. Thanks for your work on the screen repair you did for us and these units we purchased.

Independent Service Provider of Satellite Communications and IT Support

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Thanks for the work you and your team did on our broken DX80, I thought it was a nice job. I ran it up and tested it out, all good thanks.

Service Provider of Satellite Communications

I want to thank you for the perfect shipment and Packaging. Absolutely perfect

German IT distributor

We've received the switch today, Excellent

Large European mobile telecom company

For the first time since we’ve traded with each other I’ve had cause to have kit delivered to me. We’ve worked together for 5 years now however, it was the first delivery to me, believe it or not. I just wanted to say that the kit arrived in superb condition, the boxes used made it look like brand new and the packaging and attention to detail was hugely impressive. I wanted to feedback as I am not easily impressed, but I certainly am with what Go Comms have delivered.

UK Network Integrator

I think Cisco Brokers and a couple of others in the UK have stock…..but our customer here only wants YOUR refurb

Respected Iberia Region Network Support Company