Excellent response times on quoting, Good quality equipment, Tracking info always supplied so I can supply info to the account managers.

Lead Networking Sales at a Pan European Integrator

8th January 2018

The main reason we use Gocom is as a trusted secondary source of Cisco equipment and the excellent follow ups with tracking details.

Cisco sourcing at a Leading UK Integrator

3rd January 2018

We come to you for your excellent warranty and pre and after sales service, we know that it will get done. Tracking information very handy so I can update the team of the equipment coming in

Head of IT at a UK Council

29th December 2017

Ordering from you is very easy. Just send an email and a reply comes pretty quick. Your customer service is better than the manufacturers.

Managing Director of a Public Hosting Company

21st December 2017

We did shop around and source everything ourselves, but when we got your e-mail it seemed obvious to see what you can do. Your prices compared very well and ordering from you saved about 90% of our effort. We just tell you what we want and you come back with the prices pretty quick, which helps us. Your help with licenses is very good as we don't always know what we want. With hardware we usually do, but licenses not so much. Returns are easy too.

Systems Team Lead at a leading Internet of Things Company

18th December 2017

Prices are competitive and we don't try and rip them off because they are quite big that we take care of shipping issues and now the inspections for most of Africa that we don't keep chasing up after quoting. He knows they take a long time but that is how it is. Returns are dealt with quickly.

Senior Network Architect - African based Internet Service Provider

15th December 2017

Come to us for the very difficult and had to find Cisco parts, they always get a reply from us, also they get the fastest reply for pricing than anyone else in the industry.

Purchasing Manager of a Global IT Repair Company

12th December 2017

Dependable & Responsive, Reliable when quoting lead times, if we quote 2-3 days we always delivery in that timescale and he says that's impressive because no other supplier of his is as reliable

Technical Director at a UK IT Services Company

8th December 2017

Quick at Pricing jobs, very reliable, would recommend us to his friends, price is keen, and likes our warranty never had any issues with the equipment

CEO at a UK Hosting Company

5th December 2017

Flexibility & Service, you seem to be prepared to to go the extra mile trying to get something onsite no matter what the effort even with a late night call we seem to be able to get stuff onsite next day. Sourcing high end items that no-one else wants to touch or can get

Service manager - UK Network Services Integrator

1st December 2017