32 Ways to Save Money

Handy tips that canny Network Managers can use to save money

IT networks have a remarkable ability to consume every last penny you can throw at them, and still demand more. Fail to keep a tight rein on spending and you stand to see things spin out of control in short order.

Take a look at Go Communications Systems' 32 Ways to Save Money on Your Network Infrastructure. Based on the company's extensive experience in network infrastructure, these highly practical tips can be applied immediately, helping you save money while building a more robust network. Dig in!

  1. Keep engineering resources in-house
  2. Check lead times before you specify
  3. Use manufacturer approved memory products
  4. Don’t specify new products too early
  5. Don’t buy future proof technology
  6. Buy 2 spares for mission critical networks
  7. Have kit ready for plug and play
  8. Change your network manufacturer
  9. Seek a second opinion
  10. Never accept 1st trade-in price
  11. Buy end of life products refurbished
  12. Buy peripherals from your hardware supplier
  13. Choose a reliable supplier
  14. Don’t outsource
  15. Exploit manufacturers promotions
  16. Use surplus new
  17. Recycle existing network parts
  18. Sell redundant network hardware on consignment
  19. Buy refurbished kit from the manufacturer
  20. Reduce purchasing new equipment
  21. Use a dealer that's less than 4 hours away
  22. Plan ahead
  23. Exploit manufacturers trade-ins
  24. Use serial number tracking
  25. Rent to buy
  26. Opt for sparing on less critical areas
  27. Use original & OEM & 3rd party
  28. Reduce maintenance costs
  29. Use refurbished spares
  30. Buy fully tested hardware
  31. Check viability of new equipment
  32. Buy third-party